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How to increase sales in an online store? This question is asked by every person conducting this type of activity. This is not always easy to achieve. Huge competition in the most popular industries means that even affordable prices, frequent promotions, and a friendly store interface do not help. So what to do to be able to sell more? In this article, you will find some tips that will help you stand out from the competition so that potential customers reach you directly.

Increasing sales in the store with SEO - how to approach it?

Most online store owners already understand the importance of being ranked high in search engines. Increasing sales will be possible only when the information about the store and promotions organized in it will reach potential customers. And when people look for a product, they enter the stores from the first page of the search results, sometimes on the second page without bothering.

The SEO activities for each store will be completely different. What works for your competitors will not necessarily work for you. That is why an individual approach is so important. A large store in an established position will be positioned completely differently than a smaller, just developing enterprise. 

The budget for actions in both of these cases will also be extremely different. The CMSs on which the store is built are also of key importance. When choosing among e-commerce platforms, check the advantages and disadvantages of each of them carefully. After all, you don't want to have the unpleasant surprise of running into difficulties when you want to position yourself or run Google Ads.

It must be remembered that the work on website positioning is long and requires good communication between the owner of the company and the positioning agency. A common mistake of online store owners is positioning only the main phrases. For an increase in sales, we must also remember about niche phases in more detail, which will allow us to search for a product precisely.

If you are wondering how to increase sales not only through positioning, then contact our SEO specialists. They will surely suggest some interesting solutions.

How to increase sales in an online store with Google Ads?

Google Ads - ZEIGER Immobilienmarketing

Google Ads advertising campaigns are very popular. A properly prepared campaign generates profits, and this is what every entrepreneur expects. The advantage of online advertising campaigns is increased visibility and recognition, increased conversion, and increased valuable traffic on the website, which in turn will result in an increase in sales of the offered products or services. Thanks to a well-prepared campaign, you will reach users who are looking for a specific product, and Google Ads tools can help you with that. Check what services we can offer you in terms of Google Ads.

Google Ads Remarketing

It often happens that a customer goes to your website, selects a product, adds it to the cart, but does not finally complete the purchase. There can be many reasons for an abandoned cart, but how can they be overcome? Remarketing comes in handy, thanks to which you will remind a potential customer about a product that he or she has recently viewed. These reminders can take the form of, for example, advertisements that will be displayed while users are browsing other websites and encouraging them to return to your website and complete the purchase.

Mobile advertising

How many times a day do you pick up your phone just to check the news on the Internet? Often, right? The Google Ads system has met the expectations and made it possible to create mobile ads that reach customers with the sales message while they are simply using their mobile phones at that moment. Given the current times, consumer habits, and technological development, this can result in a significant increase in online sales.

Social media as a step to effectively increase sales

Social media is currently one of the most popular ways to interact directly with the customer, which allows you to quickly increase sales. However, for activities in social networks to achieve the expected results, we must remember to do it wisely. Forget about intrusive ads and sales attempts through social channels and profiles. If you don't know how to run a website like this, see how your competitors do. Talk to specialists who know how to increase your sales and preferably hire one of them. 

A person familiar with running profiles on social networks will not only quickly increase the group of fans of your website, but will skillfully and subtly encourage these people to get to know the company's offer. It is also worth organizing a competition, guessing game, or other game for people watching the profile from time to time. This will allow for direct interaction and involvement.

Social media is not only about direct contact with the client. Through them, you can advertise your products and services, e.g. by creating short instructional videos that will show potential customers how to use your product and what benefits it will bring. Do not close yourself to this form of marketing, as it is of great importance to Internet users nowadays.

Website design is the key to success

The aesthetic in which you run your website is of great importance. Eventually, when potential customers cannot find the basic information, they will give up your services and go to the competition's website. The website must be adapted to allow for intuitive shopping. The ordering process itself should also be simple and limited to as few steps as possible. These aspects will contribute to increasing the conversion of your online store.

At this point, it is also worth mentioning the principles of designing according to the UX. Pay particular attention to the navigation on your website and the appearance of forms and headers. Also, do not forget about responsiveness - after all, your website should also display well on mobile. Contrary to appearances, adapting the website to mobile devices is of great importance. Customers are increasingly using tablets and phones of the new generation. If the website is responsive, the client can take advantage of your offer anywhere, if not, he/she will use the offer of the competition.

Invest in content marketing

The content that you share on your website or social media profiles is of great importance. For example, by running a company blog, you can tell a potential client what organizational culture characterizes your company or describe how you operate and what results you achieve. Content marketing is not only writing posts on blogs or social networks, but also carefully refined and accurate product descriptions or good graphics supplementing the description. 

It is important that you avoid coloring and present your products as they really are. It is easy to write about the advantages of a given product or service, but when your customers do not get what they expected, they are disappointed and will not come back, and what is important, they will not recommend the store to their friends. Dishonesty does not pay, instead of increasing sales, in the long run, it will result in the loss of disappointed customers.

The analysis of user behavior is the basis for increasing sales in the store

An important step in increasing your online store sales is knowing how your consumers behave on your website. If you do not have this information, it will be difficult for you to improve your sales processes. User behavior analysis is one of the most effective ways to improve conversion in an online store and implement new solutions, ultimately contributing to increasing sales. The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is a powerful SEO tool that can provide you with all the details about your customers' behavior on your site

Additional ideas that may increase sales:What is Customer Experience Management, And Why is it Important?

There are many factors that increase sales in an online store. In this section, we will briefly discuss the remaining, most important issues.

Whisper marketing 

A very popular form of marketing, but often done inappropriately. Shameless advertising in statements can alienate a potential customer instead of encouraging him/her to buy. It is worth leaving the whispering to specialists who have the appropriate facilities on online forums, with which they can operate effectively and subtly advertise the shop.

Marketing campaigns 

Good customer reach is the use of various distribution channels and sales techniques. You can, for example: introduce cross-selling and up-selling, send mailings, organize events, advertise in the mass media, or focus on product marketing. There are many possibilities. Don't close yourself to any of them.

Cooperation with influencers

 It is also an interesting form of marketing, which is dynamically gaining importance. Recommending products by famous people has a positive effect on increasing sales, as well as strengthening the position of your company on the market.

There is no clear answer to the question of how to increase sales, but intelligent actions and cooperation with specialists in the field of SEO and company promotion will certainly facilitate success. You must remember to use the available options with caution and always approach your potential customers with honesty. Such an attitude will surely be appreciated and will translate into an increase in your profits.

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